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Born in Barrow in Furness, in the North of England, Philip's working life  began in the hotel business. Ten years later he took a position working on offshore oil rigs in the North Sea and began a career that spanned over thirty years operating  projects across three continents. His expertise in support & facilities management took him to many remote and hazardous locations such as Alegeria, West Africa, Kazakhstan & Russia. Philip continued to gain experience and built a reputation as a capable & resourceful operator and his ability to function and direct projects when faced with extraordinary challenges only served to strengthen that reputation.   

The end of the Iraq War in 2003 took Philip to Baghdad, where he directed the operations and project management of multiple accommodation bases for the American Coalition. This being the most challenging, hazardous & demanding of locations  which required him  to provide and deliver full support for over 30,000 troops on  nine separate  locations  throughout Baghdad and Northern Iraq. Signing up for an original  six month contract, Philip ending up working the project for almost seven years.  His career culminated in the Emirates where he ran a couple of oil services companies in Dubai, Qatar & Kuwait.

After working all over the world Philip returned to Barrow where he now lives with his family.  He began writing after retirement in 2015 and  his fist novel, PICNIC IN IRAQ, was published in summer 2015. Since then there has been a further six novels in this exciting thriller series,  TO CATCH A FOX;  BREAKFAST IN BEIRUT; THE HOLLOW PRESIDENT; AMERICAN RONIN;  POSEIDONS RANSOM & SILK ROADS. All  Philip's novels are fictitious adventure thrillers inspired by his international career, especially  his time  in the Middle East. 

Philip has recently release a new detective series featuring a brand new character, SHACKLETON BLISTER. 

red square moscow_edited.jpg

RED SQUARE, Moscow. What a place!


BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan. 

ninian central_edited.jpg

NINIAN CENTRAL, Ninian Field, The North Sea. 

New armoured car just arrived.

The Baghdad 'road crew' 

Thank God for bullet-proof glass.  

That's not bird muck !! 

Game of Thrones - One of Saddam's ! 

Not quite the Magnificent Seven,

more like The Usual Suspects .  

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